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This WIKI is for Groep T students from 3 EM (electro-mechanical engineers - Bac 3) who are going to China in March-April 2010. More info about the project can be found at Chinaproject.

Flight info

Train info

Info is organized around the 4 cities we will visit:

Xian (西安)
Wuhan (武汉)
Shanghai (上海)
Beijing (北京)

Please add any relevant info that might be useful during the trip according to the instructions that were given (see also below).
For translations you can get help from Google translate or dictionary

Possible structure for the preparation:

Who: groups of 2 students (since there are two groups, Xian and Shanghai, every activity can be prepared by 4 persons)

What: choose activity and prepare with others

How: timeschedule (as detailed as possible see travelschedule, googlemaps, etc.) and especially the links to googlemaps, means of transport and route (as an example I've added the route from the University of Xidian to the Terracotta Warriors. Please see following link.)

Please prepare all interesting content that can be used as documentation in China on and off location (leaflets, maps, dvd, music, …). You will be asked to make a report in the diary.

I plan a first meeting on 15/3/2010 in subgroups (Xian, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing) and a final meeting with subgroups on 22/3/2010.

  • 15/3/2010 1200 Xian Room 1308
  • 16/3/2010 1700 Wuhan Room 1308
  • 17/3/2010 1200 Shanghai Room 1308
  • 19/3/2010 1200 Beijing Room 1308

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