What is the bund?

The Bund is 1.5 kilometers long promenade along the Huangpu in the Chinese city of Shanghai.
It starts from the Waibaidu bridge in the north to the Yan'anstreet in the south.

It is one of the main tourist attractions in the city.
It is also a prime location for the establishment of a company.
The Consulate of the United Kingdom is located on the Bund.
Royal Dutch Shell, HSBC and Bank of China are located in the Bund.

Given the nature of the Bund, it should be preserved so a limit to the height of the buildings around it exists.


The Shanghai Metro has no station in the Bund.
Line 2 runs in the Bund by but does not stop.
Henan Zhong Lu station is 5 minutes walk.

Panorama of the Bund by night

Video of the bund

crazy metro

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